Women sharing house designer tools on computer

Tools for Families to Share Ideas with Your Designer

Have you ever seen a door that you just HAVE to use in your house?  Every house has little bits and pieces that we like and dislike.  The trick is to take all those good bits and gather them for when you build and design your own house.  Sounds easy right?  It should be as long as you PLAN AHEAD!  Here’s two tools that you can use to help your architectural designer…well… design.


I’m sure you’ve already heard of this one if you don’t already have an account.  With Pinterest it’s easy just to create a board and then pin all the designs you’ve seen and appreciate.  Completely free and flexible.  It’s a great choice if you already have a Pinterest so you don’t have to create another account somewhere.

Plus with Pinterest’s explore function, you can easily search for the types of inspiration you’re looking for.  Just looking up pantry design ideas I can already see dozens of great ideas in less than a second.  With that search I saw some kind of basic pantries, but if you wanted something a bit more specific all you’d have to do is search it up and it will usually be there.  After you’ve collected quite a bit of pins you’ll be able to see trends and similarities between them that you’ll be able to use to pinpoint things you want in your house.


This website is a bit less universal than Pinterest.  Houzz is made specifically for buildings and houses.  Because of this specificity, you can search for much more specific ideas and rooms than you’d be able to with Pinterest.  Let’s say for instance… you want to see some fire pit ideas, Houzz is likely going to have quite a bit on it that you can look for.

Not only are you able to look at specific items you might like but you can look at reviews on local architects, plumbers, carpenters, whoever you might need to call to get your house finished.  Houzz also shows you the medals or other awards they might have received that would make them stand out.  The other thing great about Houzz is that you can look at past projects, if you take a look at my page here you can see tons of houses that I’ve designed that I use as a portfolio.

Last thing I love about Houzz is that you can buy directly from their website.  It has tons of ways to narrow down whatever type of item you’re looking to purchase down to the very one you want.

Final Tip

Make sure you note what you like.  It’s a lot easier to tell what you want if you can point as specific aspects of a house you’d like instead of just the entire thing. Houzz and Pinterest are a great tools to use as a starting point for finding great design ideas. Besides that just collect as many ideas as possible so I can have tons of inspiration and references to draw from.  Lastly, have fun, it’s not everyday you get to design your dream home.