Wet Hall

No More Wet Kids in the Living Room. Check out Your Wet Hall

Living in Southern Utah plays a large part in most of my home designs. Those of us who have built homes with a swimming pool in the backyard know full well the struggles of wet family members running through the living room. You can see it now. Wet kids running through the house, leaving trails of water and wet towels all over. If you have been pulling out your hair over this damp nightmare, the “wet” hall is an easy way to solve that problem with your next home design.

What is a Wet Hall?

Many of my clients choose to have a family swimming pool built into their yard alongside the construction of their home. In the past, most have simply wanted a “pool bath” to access from their yard. Over the last couple years, I have been able to help many of my clients decide to let me design a separate access to their home. This access doesn’t require kids and guests to trample through the main living area in dripping wet swimsuits. Many of the areas I have designed give a separate “wet” hall or direct access to a laundry area. This not only allows for “wet” traffic but also gives a handy access to laundering wet towels and patio clean up. I have had nothing but positive feedback on these rooms designed to access pool patios.

So rather than have everyone coming in through the living room, you can send them right into the laundry. It saves time, energy and is one practical way to keep mom happy. If you have considered building a pool with you next home, this design feature may be for you. If you want a wet hall access into your home, make sure to bring it up in your design consultation and let’s keep your house dry.


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