Backyard Pathway Lighting

Lighting your Backyard to Perfection

I’m sure everyone wants one of those backyards you can just sit in enjoying the night breeze in the middle of the summer.  Well, have you ever taken a stride or a step in that direction, or is your backyard as bland as your neighbors?  Have you ever put thought into what you might add to your backyard to light it up?  If you haven’t, no worries!  If you have, even better.  Here are some ideas that you might want to use for your lighting creation.

Patio Lights

Probably the first step you should take to have good lighting.  Patio lights can look really classy if done and up kept, as in making sure they’re all shining and they all aren’t tangled.  Other than that they’re really flexible.  You can literally string the lights from almost any structure to another, which leaves room for so much creativity and fluidity.  Maybe even string some lights in a tree if you have a couple big ones in your yard.


As long as they aren’t overused, lanterns can be a great addition to the overall aesthetic of your yard.  The great part about lanterns is if you’re low budget, lanterns can go great by themselves.  Maybe just buy two of these lanterns and space them on your patio and you can have some nice lighting.  Nice thing too is that they are pretty cheap.  Lanterns nowadays can be found in most stores or online and can fit almost any budget.

Pathway Lights

If you have a nice pathway then it’s essential to have some pathway lights.  For very little planning, pathway lights can have a HUGE effect on the overall look over your yard.  Just simply position them along your pathway and you’re good to go.  The only problem is that pathway lights might be a bit pricey depending on the quality you’re going for.  If you have a small yard or small budget then these might not be the best choice for you.