Space saving shelves

More House for your Money

Wouldn’t you like to have more money?  So does everyone else.  Sadly, there’s only a certain amount out there.  If you’re building a house then you’re probably doing okay, but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t always use a little more bang for your buck.  Here’s a couple tips I’ve found of making more space out of nothing.

Use Your Attic

Do you have an attic that you can remodel?  Not everyone has one, but if you do it can be really efficient and fun.  Plus, if you have kids, the slanted ceiling is different than what they’re used to so they can have fun with it.  With the unique structure there’s a whole bunch of fun projects you can do to make your attic space more interesting.

Clean Out Your Garage

Clearing out space where it’s absolutely cluttered can just be terrible.  A garage can often have tons of hidden space you didn’t know you had until you clear it.  You just have to have the courage to throw things away.  Just look at what you have and if you haven’t used it in a year or two then you should consider throwing it away.  If you have a yard you could even build a shed to keep your equipment and outdoor things in there to create more space.

Use Hangers

You can use hangers for way more things than you thought.  Most people think of hanging their bikes with hangers, but if you do it actually does look way more ergonomic.  You should also consider hanging all cords, toys, and maybe even some of your food.  Maybe just grab a notepad and go through your house to see what you could use with hangers and save space with.

Shelves, Shelves, Shelves!

Most people don’t realize how many things they have lying on the ground at once.  I’m guilty of this too.  My room is absolutely cluttered and I need to install some shelves to move books and clothes. You can even add some shelves into your garage or attic to open up even more space in your house.  Shelves are cheap to install and can be used for years after without any maintenance.