porch swing on a patio

Some Awesome Uses for Porch Swings

Have you ever considered adding or putting a porch swing into your house?  Almost gives you that kind of “Kansas” feel.  Well, recently more and more houses have been installing porch swings.  Here are a couple reasons you might want to include it too.

Tons of different designs

You can decide on the fabric, how wide you want it to be, you could even install a drink holder if you want.  You can go to tons of different specialists such as https://www.theporchswingcompany.com/ where there’s literally hundreds of options for you to choose from.  Some may prefer a soft fabric or wicker, others would prefer wood.  Personally, I think some finely grained wood would look nice.  It’s a simple enough design that most people with some basic woodshop training could probably even make their own.

It can be… romantic

If you’ve ever had that girl (or guy) that you’ve wanted to have that romantic moment with then here’s your chance!  Just imagine swinging there with him (or her) and play guitar and talking.  The perfect moment right there.  Even if you’ve already got a girl this can still really work out for you.  Just take your her on a romantic date and this can be where you end it.  Then from there, you can take it however you like.

Kids will enjoy them

If you’ve ever been a kid, and you have, you know that kids can turn almost anything as a game.  If that thing swings then even better.  That much easier to turn it into a game.  I’ve seen kids use them as a rocket ship or a plane before and it’s one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.  Just here are eight fun games you can play on a swing.  A porch swing is functionally the same as a park swing, usually just a little bigger.  Which means it can do all the same things plus more than a regular swing.