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Planning Your Pantry

Planning Your Pantry

Posted October 10, 2017 by christain

Planning your Pantry and including it in a well-designed kitchen takes a lot of detailed thought and work.

As you know, the kitchen is one of the most well-used spots in the house.

There’s the joy: cooking with your spouse, baking cookies with your kids or preparing Christmas dinner with your whole family.

And there’s the angst: the age-old question of “Who left their dishes on the counter AGAIN?!” or “Who’s turn is it to load/unload the dishwasher?!” and “WHY HAVEN’T YOU EMPTIED IT YET?!?” (or is that just at my house?)

But the workhorse of the kitchen is the pantry. And that room, while simple in many ways, also needs some serious forethought put into planning, especially if you’re building or doing a major remodel.


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