Timeless Design

3 Rules for Timeless Designs

Have you ever seen a beautiful home, assume it’s new, then find out it was built over a decade ago?

What makes a home so timeless?

What decides whether a home stays looking contemporary and fresh, rather than archaic and behind the times?

Different trends will go in and out, but some elements of design will always stay current and classy.

The trick is learning what those elements are and incorporating them in your home.

1. Always Incorporate the Classics

When designing a home, it is extremely important to make sure that you incorporate some classic features to tie down your new look.

This doesn’t mean that you should build a flat fronted brick colonial home with a big porch and some patriotic bunting across the front; it just means you should consider what parts of past architecture you should blend into your future design.

For example:

features such as built-in shelving, wooden floors and detailing, columns, brick, real stone, and neutral colors will all contribute to a timeless home.

Along with this, don’t forget to design a home built to take in all the natural light! This will keep it always looking fresh.

Don’t cut corners on the focal points either.

Things such as fireplaces, doors, and exterior wall materials should heir on the side of more classic than trendy because those elements are the hardest and most costly items to change later on.

2. Design a Functional Floor Plan

A floor plan that is focused on simplicity and functionality is truly timeless.

Something can be simple and practical. This does not mean it is boring.

It’s important to put your style and trendiness into the changeable aspects – such as furniture, wall colors, and flooring – and to keep the floor plan smooth and uncomplicated.

Open floor plans involving a central main space (great room and/or kitchen) typically stay current.

* Photo credit below

Classic room and space proportions create a practical and visibly pleasing layout.

A utilitarian floor plan will never go out of style.

3. Clean Lines and Simplicity is Key

Clean lines never go out of style because they fit into most styles.

Imagine your grandma’s wallpaper, obnoxious flowery designs covering the entirety of the room.

It’s claustrophobic.

Try to avoid patterns and ornate detailing throughout your home.

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Simple, streamlined, and symmetric design elements will let your home morphe with whatever future trends turn out to be.  

Shiplap is a great example of a modern trend that also refers to a timeless representation of the architectural character.

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It’s an extra detail.

However, it involves those clean lines that never go out of style.

There are many different techniques and tricks to creating a timeless home.

These are just a few to get you started!

A timeless home will come from architecture that can grow and change with you. That’s the key!

*photo is from different houses all designed by Millhaven Homes.