arcadia home exterior

Don’t Miss this Vacation Retreat at the Parade of Homes

This villa is a real treat for anybody who loves the polished home design.  With 5 beds and 3773 square feet of living space, this house has got enough room for anybody.  It also comes with 6 bathrooms and a den in case someone has to take their work with them on vacation.

The villa has a modern color scheme and design while still going for that “natural” feel.  You can see the natural look easily just by looking on the outside of the house.  I mean the garage is wood stained for Pete’s sake!   But you can also play in the huge backyard.  Or if you’re worried about getting dirty there’s a covered balcony with enough chairs to sit the entire family.  Perfect place for everyone to just sit around and share stories when it gets dark.

This house is all a part of the Arcadia Vacation Resort.  The resort comes complete with a lazy river, pool, spa, and a waterslide for the whole family!

And after the whole family has had their waterpark fun, the resort has even got a clubhouse to dry off in and play games.

But if that’s not enough for you, the vacation resort also has a pickleball and volleyball court for all your summertime fun!  This all is just a part of that St George summer fun.  I guess there’s a reason they say it’s easy in St Geezy.

dining room

If you’re on vacation you’re going to want food.  It’s just a matter of fact.

Who am I kidding?  I want food and I’m not on vacation.

Dining rooms have often been the centerpieces of homes.  They’re elegant, simple to design, plus everyone loves to look at them.  It’s a status symbol.

The modern design in this dining room will surely make any meal feel complete.  The experience is just as important as the food and with a dining room like this, you’ll never have to worry.

The lights are even shaped like candles to give a luxurious feel even when you might just be eating mac ‘n’ cheese.

If you’re trying to impress someone with your cooking, this is the place to do it.  A great place to present it and eat and… wait, have I not talked about the kitchen?


Before you eat you gotta cook, it’s common sense!  And any parent knows that if you don’t have a decent kitchen, that meal just ain’t coming out right.

My favorite part of this kitchen is the range hood.  Hoods have a simple purpose, and as such, have plenty of room for design.  This one is just simple and isn’t over the top.  It’s the way that it blends into the kitchen that just gives it such a sense of purpose like it just fits perfectly into the rest of the kitchen.  In fact, the entire design of the kitchen is just a perfect blend of functionality and design.  Everything looks nice without having to sacrifice usefulness.

Opposite to the hood, you can see a long counter that’ll give plenty of room for cutting, chopping, squeezing, and measuring.  If you’re cooking for a family big enough to fill this house you’re going to need somewhere to place all your supplies and tools while cooking.

Not in the picture is a walk in pantry with enough room for anything you can bring.

Trust me, once you have a walk in pantry it’s just hard to live without one!

In the upstairs is a family room that’s just perfect for evenings after a nice swim, hike, or bike.

With four chairs and three-cushion couch, nobody has to be sitting on the floor. Everyone can just sit around and relax around the TV and chat because, let’s be honest, sometimes the relaxation is the best part of a vacation.

Just imagine playing a game of life or monopoly with family up here.  Or even just passing around a bucket of KFC if you’re into that.  This room is perfect for anything a family would want to do.

This design, in particular, has a perfect open feel that makes it feel like it could be your own home within seconds of being in it. I think one part that really adds to it is the layered ceiling. The extra space definitely adds to the effect.

bunk beds

At last, the built-in bunk beds.  These are easily one of the best features in any bedroom that’ll save space, money, and worry.

You can literally climb into bed at night.  Something that kids just love.  Plus, it’s probably a whole lot safer than the trees they might be climbing during the day.  And although it might not make it easier for kids to sleep, this room is just perfect for kids to hang out in.

Without wasting extra space between the bed and the wall and without having to upgrade the beds to queens to fit the same amount of people you can save a lot of space.

Each bed comes with a preinstalled night light because every family has those late night readers that just can’t shut their Harry Potter until it’s finished.

guest bed

Every day of play needs a night of rest.  So from the master bedroom to these amazing bunk beds this house has softest beds you’ll see.  You will have no trouble falling asleep no matter who you are.

The rooms are also completely decorated so there’s no need to worry.  They look good before, during, and after you get there.

Every bedroom also has a bathroom which makes it easy for the whole family to get ready in the morning.  No need to fight over who gets the mirror next!

It’s a cozy bedroom for a cozy house.  Check it out if you have the time at the Parade of Homes!  It’s located at 3780 Arcadia Dr and even if you’re not planning on staying there, the house is absolutely breathtaking to tour.  A great inspiration for anybody out there looking to build or buy.