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Strong horizontals and plenty of verticals to match it too. This house has a very strong design that is meant to give a great southwestern feel to it.

One unique thing about this house is the four car garage. A problem many upper/upper-middle class families deal with is dealing with their childrens cars as they all turn sixteen. Especially in southern Utah where you have huge families of sometimes eight children. These extra garage spaces give room for plenty of storage along with enough room for all the children to park their cars without having to go onto the street.

The other thing that many people tend to overlook – but can actually lend a lot to the versatility of a house – is the Casita that is included in this plan. Perfect for any extra grandparents or relatives that are planning on staying with the family for an extended period of time.

Once you walk in the main door you’re going to be entranced by the beautiful great room you’ll encounter in the front. This is a perfect place for all manner of family get-togethers.

Next to the great room is the most ergonomic kitchen you’ll find on the market. The kitchen has been designed to specifically make it easier to cook bigger meals where you’re going to need the extra space right next to you at all times. This kitchen will make you the obvious host for next year’s Thanksgiving.

The house includes a total of three bedrooms all with various luxuries such as master bathrooms, storage closets, and entrances to the covered patio in the backyard. There are a total of three and a half bathrooms which – for the most part – are included next to the bedrooms.

I saved the best for last. There is a six-seat theatre room included that is accessible from the main hall. The perfect place for watching movies or for the grandkids to play their video games.

Trust me, if you buy this plan your life will feel like a permanent vacation that won’t ever have to end.



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