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Bright color palete solarium-style sunroom.

Color Trends of 2017

Posted September 4, 2017 by Trevor Dalton

When planning a house it’s essential to pick out a nice palette so your house has a theme.  Obviously you have to be careful about what you pick.  You’re not going to put a bright orange next to a rosy pink.  It’d just be hideous.  Many houses like to pick a dark brown or black, and then a white.  However, there are many more options than just a dark and a bright.  Here are some that I’ve found that add to a great color palette.

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Wet Hall

No More Wet Kids in the Living Room. Check out Your Wet Hall

Posted May 19, 2017 by genlabs

Living in Southern Utah plays a large part in most of my home designs. Those of us who have built homes with a swimming pool in the backyard know full well the struggles of wet family members running through the living room. You can see it now. Wet kids running through the house, leaving trails of water and wet towels all over. If you have been pulling out your hair over this damp nightmare, the “wet” hall is an easy way to solve that problem with your next home design.

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